Buying American Made Goods...

Buying American Made Goods...

We can not begin to tell you how many lives you touch when you purchase American Made goods...

We do know, however, how much it means to everyone at Max & Dora!  

From the factory workers:, sewers, cutters, packers, to the label maker, pattern makers, sample makers, fitters and so so many more!  

How an industry that was almost obsolete is beginning to shine again. I would be lying if I said it did not come with MANY challenges but as my husband always says "If hard work were easy everyone would do it!"  So, with its many hiccups and great stories for any dinner party (some funny, many heartwarming),  We will always hold true to who we are, knowing the difference it truly makes!

We thank every person that has taken out just a moment from their busy lives to visit our site!  We are aware how precious time is!  For those of you that have bought an item, we are truly humbled with so many choices you picked Max & Dora!  Just how many people's lives you have changed with that purchase!

We are always  challenged with pricing....we cannot compete with the overseas prices, but we have a hands on in all factories and know that our product can stand up to the best children's garments made.  We sell directly to be able to keep the price as low as possible and still maintain quality that you should and WE do expect when spending our hard earned money.

We love hearing from you...we love feedback, the good the bad the ugly (of cource we perfer the good!) but we can't get better if we don't know when something gets by us!

Gives us a call...we do still have a landline with actual people in OUR office answering! 

Shoot us an email...again real people will respond..

Comment on our facebook..we answer everything there as well!

From the top bottom and middle of our hearts we thank you!

We have linked sites that will give you additional companies that produce in the USA...." commerce breeds commerce."

The more American made goods the better manufacturing gets!


Max & Dora

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