The Container Store and Max & Dora Partnership!

The Container Store and Max & Dora Partnership!


not every day you get a call from 

The Container Store asking you to accessorize the launch of their NEW TCS children's closet system for ALL of their stores plus all the stores that will be rolling out, 90 in total!! 

 We accepted the challenge with excitement, thrill and a bit of trepidation.  

TCS knew that they wanted the closet contents Black and White with dresses, tops, bottoms and a coat...the rest was up to us...we had 12 weeks to design, style, present and get everything produced!  What a whirlwind!  What FUN!



We still can't believe they called us!!!  Max & Dora!!!!  We have to brag, just a little. Drop by and check us out in one of their 90 stores across America. There is bound to be one in a city near you!  It will give you a chance to see and touch our product.  

If you happen to be at The Container Store on 58th and Lexington Ave in New York City and see a lady straightening up the closet, that would be my mother! Just tell her we say HELLO!


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