MILDRED, Taking The Plunge

MILDRED, Taking The Plunge

Sometimes we are quick to make decisions without thinking…Our hearts speak, and we plunge…

My husband has a heart of gold…he had been reading an ad for a dog left in a warehouse parking lot on the streets of Miami who kept following a young man into the warehouse where he worked…he would walk her out only to find her her back at his side a few minutes later! No tag, no chip and her underside covered with bites all over [when we lose our patience for people it helps to remember the many that are good souls]. This young man finally relented to the persistence of this very needy dog and took her home. He owned two Pitbulls in a small apartment and began trying to find her owner in hopes that she was lost, not just dumped!  After a week of calls and advertising he put a listing up for "adoption to a loving home" looking for a dog …my, big-hearted husband answered the ad!  We had a one-year-old chocolate lovable lab at the time named Bella, and he thought she could use a friend…we have always raised 2 dogs together..

I should mention I was away moving our daughter into a new college apartment at the time and had no idea that this love affair was happening…

This is the beginning of what has become equivalent to winning the lottery (not financially) love wise. It was LOVE at first sight for my husband, and home for a new neglected dog who was now to become a part of our family. There are many stories on who named her, but since this is my story I TAKE FULL CLAIM TO NAMING HER MILDRED…MILLIE FOR SHORT….

We guess she was about six months old when we got her…50 lbs and full of skin issues…she was a bit tentative at first and to be honest so was I…after all she was a large stranger…we believed her to be a lab-pitbull mix, and I wasn’t so sure I loved the Pitbull idea….skip ahead four years…our 95 pounds of what we now realize is Lab, Pitbull, Rottweiler and probably a few other breeds have turned out to be the MOST LOVING cuddly, mush we have ever had…Not one person that walks in our home doesn’t want to take her home!

Our biggest issue with Millie is that she thinks she is one of us…she hogs the bed, snores, and insists on always having close contact…her head alone weighs 20 lbs, and it is always nestled on our chest when we lay down to sleep…

I often wonder if she remembers those days living on the street!
I think of how could someone just abandoned her!
I think of the young man who took the time to save her and then I breathe with her heavy head on my chest and know how lucky we both are, how all those circumstances brought her right where she belongs…snoring away in blissful, peaceful contentment….

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