Our Model Metsi

Our Model Metsi


 If you have followed Max & Dora for a while, you have certainly noticed our lovely model Metsi. You may have wondered where this beautiful child came from and how she became such a prominent member of the Max and Dora Family. Well, Metsi’s story began before Metsi, or even the concept of Max and Dora was born.

While Lisa’s children were in school, Lisa had some excess energy to expend (Lisa has always had lots and lots and lots of energy). Not yet ready to commit to a full-time business, Lisa took up tennis for a short time (we did mention “energetic,” note nothing said about “athletic”). So….in order to improve her game, she started taking tennis lessons with the funniest, friendliest, very intelligent and most of all patient tennis instructor, Kabelo. Kabelo, was born in Zimbabwe, traveled the world and lucky for us landed in Palm Beach County.   By the time Lisa met him, everyone unanimously decided that even though he had landed, it was time for Kabelo to settle down. (Hard to do when you are a gorgeous tennis instructor surrounded by women all day and loves to party). But one day, it was all over and just beginning at the same time. Kabelo met the tall, blonde, beautiful and intelligent schoolteacher, Elora. Soon these two wonderful people married and created our beautiful Metsi. May we just say here, Kabelo is an amazing Dad who is still just as funny, just as friendly, just as patient, still teaches tennis (though not to Lisa) and happier than ever. The closest Lisa now gets to a tennis ball is when she tosses them to one of her two Labs, Bella, and Millie. One of the perks of having a tennis instructor as a friend-- besides providing us with our perfect model-- is that he has an endless supply of used and unplayable tennis balls that are ideal for overactive Labrador Retrievers ---but let’s not digress and get back to Metsi…

Metsi started modeling for us at the age of two. At her first shoot, she was magical and very cooperative until the very very end. She had on one of our white tie front Annie shirts, and she just refused to take it off. A meltdown ensued, and no cajoling could convince her to take off the shirt and move on to the next outfit. Even her mom was at a loss until Metsi finally announced that she was not Metsi she was “Dr. Metsi”.   She must have seen herself as a Doctor in her white gown. Metsi left the photo shoot in her own “doctor’s gown” aka White tie front Annie shirt. Since that time, we have had the pleasure of Dr. Metsi’s company on many photo shoots. As we watched Metsi grow, we noticed at one shoot that Metsi’s mom had begun to grow too.  Metsi announced with great pleasure that she was going to have a new brother or sister and, if it was a boy, she was going to name him “Max.” Needless to say, we were over-the-top thrilled and honored.   Well, Beautiful Baby Boy Max is here and who knows…he just might be our next Top Model!!!

We have had many people ask about our beautiful model, Metsi.  We love sharing so here is a little background about how Metsi became a part of the Max & Dora Family...

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