We found our missing mascot Humpty

With two moves to bigger and bigger offices this past year we somehow lost track of our Mascot Humpty Dumpty.   Humpty came to us four years ago when Lisa spotted an adorable Humpty Dumpty Pinata gracing a dessert table at a local fundraiser.  Lisa fell in love and immediately sought out the creator of the beautiful table and found out where she could get a Humpty Dumpty Pinata of her own.  As this was about the same time the first collection of Max and Dora was being hatched,  Lisa thought who would be better to bring a little-lighthearted luck and support than Humpty Dumpty himself!


In our first photo shoot Humpty calmed the nerves of our beautiful young models and became a modeling sensation himself.  Along with Lisa and her team he traveled to shows in New York,  Atlanta, and Dallas.  Everywhere he went he would bring a smile to anyone who met him.  Last week we were so happy when he popped out of a missing box and magically reappeared.  He immediately made himself at home in our newest office space and had been mischievously showing up picking our flower accessories and looking oh- so-innocent when we caught him trying to hide behind a pillow.   


Since the day he arrived at our first office he has held a position of prominence—sometimes on a desk, at times on a shelf, sometimes in a box  We never put Humpty on a wall.  We learned the hard way not to put him in a box either.  Sometimes boxes, just get misplaced.  


We did try to order another Humpty when we thought our Mascot was lost forever, but the new Humpty arrived looking like one of the king’s horses, and one of the king’s men had punched him in the eye.  So we just repacked him and sent him on his way.  Now that our one and only original Humpty has been found,  we all feel a little more at home.

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